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Academic Services

The Virtual Environment National User Support (VENUS) service was set up under a JISC grant, aimed at those in the education and research sectors wishing to learn about virtual environments, their uses, and to explore possibilities for making VEs work for them. The grant has now finished but VENUS remains as an entry point for academic staff interested in the services offered by EdVEC.

Venus is aimed at:

  • Computing service staff assisting their local users
  • Educators and researchers needing advice to create virtual environments
  • Educational technologists enquiring how to assess its impact
  • End users of VEs where the enquiry is not related to a specific application

VENUS does not provide support for queries related to immersive Virtual Reality. For this service, contact the AGOCG VR support Officer. at Loughborough.

If you have a technical question about elements of VRML or Java3D, the VRML and Java3D information centre at Leeds is well worth checking out.

EdVEC/VENUS can provide advice, training and information resources in the areas of:

Image based virtual reality
Model simplification
3D data capture and post production
Segmentation and visualization of volumetric data

On this site you will find examples of built environments and a description of EdVEC. EdVEC conducts research and development into all aspects of virtual environments derived from real-world information.