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The 3D Laser scanner consists of a color 3D laser stripe sensor, a position sensing arm and a PC in which 3 interface cards are mounted. Software running on the PC combines data simultaneously collected by the sensor and the arm to produce color 3D data which is immediately displayed on the PC screen.

An object is placed near to the system and the laser sensor is held so that a line of laser light appears on the object. The sensor is then moved over the surface of the object and the data produced is displayed on the PC screen. Datasets can be polygonised and decimated according to user defined tolerances to produce managable datasets.
Data can be saved in a format suitable for import to the userís visualisation or manipulation software with the required number of polys.

Formats: (VRML, 3DS, DXF, OBJ)

[ Taz 3DS MAX JPEG ]


[ Burns.avi 6.4MB - 3DS MAX]